me2green’s “Action Projects” are designed to bring sustainable change in environmental field – at people, practices and policy levels.

We take help of college students for executing projects. College students – the responsible independent thinkers – have fresh ideas and huge network outreach. We believe that the generation next can make powerful change makers.  We could not have succeeded without their ideas and efforts for our projects:
Bin Hostess (2010-11),
Green Resource Library (2011-12),
Waste Optimization (2012-13),
Tomorrow’s Green Managers (2013-14)

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outcome of our efforts

waste segregation on college campus

Hindustan Times

me2green’s “Awareness Events” are aimed to spread awareness about environment conservation in a fun-filled way.
Our one such event is beach clean-up. Mumbai's beaches are littered with waste items such as water bottles, carry bags, fisherman nets, sandals, toys, chips wrappers, flower garlands and so on. Participants are explained what items are recyclables and why some are non-recyclables. At the end of the clean-up drive, all recyclable waste items are donated to association of rag-pickers or sold to local recycling vendors. This way, participants become aware of recyclable waste items, their commercial values and importance of segregating waste at source to prevent recyclables going to landfill.

Awareness Event
beach clean-up

me2green’s “Knowledge Gallery” is an effort for advocacy – about influencing people, policies and practices in order to bring change in the society.

We have built our “Knowledge Gallery” with the help of college students with whom we work closely. The students work on me2green’s projects as a part of their study curriculum, internship or volunteering activities. They get opportunities to experience the real world at grass root level. 

me2green values students’ perspective and hence encourages them to document their observations, experiences, opinions in the form of case studies.   Knowledge Gallery

Resource for Advocacy
poster presentation at college exhibition